Falling for Overalls

Falling for Overalls

My kids are out of school for fall break. We decided to drive to southern Utah for a little fun in the sun. Before we left home, I got this post mostly ready. I edited the pictures and uploaded them, found the items in the outfit and linked them and worked on the SEO items. I was all set and figured I could write the content when we arrived in St. George on Wednesday night, so the post would be ready Thursday morning. Well things didn’t go according to plan and here we are on Friday morning and I’m finally posting this outfit. Instead of taking four hours to drive down, it took us five because we hit some unexpected traffic. We pulled into the rental unit we were staying in at 11:30pm, but because of a mix up in the reservation we ended up having to go to a hotel for the night. The kids didn’t go to bed until 12:30am, so as you can imagine my idea to work on this post that night never happened. But it’s done and hopefully you’ll love what you see, so it will be worth the wait. 😉

Fall for Overalls 7

Fall for Overalls 3

Fall for Overalls 6

Fall for Overalls 5

Fall for Overalls 2

Fall for Overalls 4

Are you falling for overalls? I think it’s safe to say they have made a comeback. I remember wearing overalls in college but they were loose and baggy. The overall today are tighter, more form fitting. I think they look great.

I love this whole outfit from the black hat down to the silver mules. It was so fun to photograph and I love that Liam, my little sidekick, got in on a few shots too. So what do you think of the overall trend? Will you be wearing overalls this fall?

Outfit Details: Black Fedora (similar here and here), Overalls (similar here and here), Long Sleeve Top (similar here and here), Silver Mules.

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