What to Wear for Family Pictures

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I remember as a kid, we would get our family pictures taken about once every five years. As a parent, I totally understand why my mom did it that way. They are a lot of work. Despite all the work, I still like to get ours taken every year. I’ve included some tips on what to wear for family pictures so that your family pictures will turn out great every time.What to wear for family pictures 2

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What to wear for family pictures 6

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Deciding what to wear for family pictures doesn’t have to be stressful, there are a few easy tips you can use to get your family looking picture perfect.

  1. Pick An Outfit, Any Outfit – Since I’m the only girl in our family I always start with my outfit. (However this can work for any person in your family. You just need to pick one person’s outfit.) Once I know what I’m wearing it’s easy for me to pick out clothes for the rest of the family because I can use my outfit as the starting off point. Like I said, it doesn’t actually matter whose outfit you start with, just start by picking one and then you can match the rest of the outfits from there.
  2. Instead of Lots of Patterns, Try More Texture. You don’t want to detract from your face, so small patterns are fine, but avoid large, bold plaids and super contrasty stripes. Because more often than not, less is more! You can also try adding layers.
  3. Think About Your Location: If you are shooing in the mountains against green trees and green grass, it’s probably best to stay away from lots of green in your outfits, instead find inspiration in the other, not as prominent, colors you know will be there.  You want your outfits to stand out from the background. So, if you are shooting outside in the winter against the snow, stay away from lots of whites, don’t detract from your beautiful smiles by getting lost in the background.
  4. Stay Away From Matchy, Matchy – The best family photos are when the family is in a similar color palette, not the exact same color palette. They match, but they aren’t matchy, matchy. Being in a similar color palette gives your picture some dimension, but still makes everyone look cohesive.

Hope you find those tips helpful. Did you get your family pictures taken this year?

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo, Sue

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