I’ve never cooked a Turkey for Thanksgiving

I've never cooked a Turkey for Thanksgiving

I have a confession. I’ve never cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving. In fact, now that I think about it, I have never even hosted a Thanksgiving dinner. When I was a kid, my family would spend Thanksgiving in Vernal, UT at my grandparents house. As an adult, we switch every other year between my husband’s family and my family. On the years we are with my husband’s family my mother-in-law always makes the turkey. The years we are with my family either someone else has made the turkey or we go out to dinner. This year we are spending Thanksgiving in St. George, UT with my family. We are going to order a Thanksgiving Dinner from Harmons, so I’m off the hook again.

But enough turkey talk, let me tell you a little bit about this outfit. This jumpsuit would be perfect to wear to a Thanksgiving dinner. The waist area is loose so you could eat a lot and still fit in it afterward. All joking aside this jumpsuit is so cute and so comfortable, you will see me wearing it a lot this winter.

Outfit Details: Hat (old, similar here and here), Sunglasses (less expensive version here), Choker (old, similar here and here), Striped Top (old, similar here and here), Jumpsuit (less expensive version here), Booties (less expensive version here)

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