More of This: Part 4

More of This: Part 4

  1. I want some good snow boots. I have a pair of Columbia boots that keep my feet nice and warm, but they are old and starting to get a hold in them. I’m trying to decide between three pairs, this onethis one, and this one.
  2. We are going to Maui in February so I have been looking for some new swimsuits. I bought this one, currently 30% off, and this one.  I also have my eye on this one.
  3. Zyia Active released a new Sports Bra this week in 3 different colors, blue, white and nude. I love that is has a pocket. They also released this vest. I want one to try in the spring, for when I start working out outside. It can be chilly in the morning when I first start and I’ve heard these are a good balance to keep you warm when you start, but you don’t get too hot when you’re warmed up.
  4. My sister got this as a neighbor gift and my kids love it. I’ve heard of of a snowball maker before, but never would have bought one if I hadn’t seen how much fun my boys had with it, and how easy it is to make snowballs. Hopefully it will keep them entertained outside playing in the snow for a long time.
  5. We’ve done a few different things for neighbor gifts over the years. We gave this last year and this the year before. However I just love these so I’m giving them as our neighbor gifts this year. I bought a bunch of extras when I saw them on sale. They are my favorite kind of hand soaps.

I’m so grateful to all of you for following me on this blogging journey.
I love reading all your comments and am so thankful you are here.
I hope each of you has a very Merry Christmas!
Xoxo, Sue

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