A Diaper Bag from Ryla Pack 

A Diaper Bag from Ryla Pack 

A Diaper Bag from Ryla Pack 

I love meeting other women who are following their dreams. So when I met Kelsie, the owner of Ryla Pack, at a women’s entrepreneur event, I knew it was a match made in heaven. I have been looking for a stylish, yet functional diaper bag for a long time and when I saw the Ryla Pack I knew I had to get one. I love that I can use it as a diaper bag when I am with my kids, but I can also carry it around when it is just me and still look cute. It has so many great features and I have loved using it. A few of my must haves in a diaper bag are:

  1. It has to be a backpack diaper bag. There are so many options out there for diaper bag, but I specifically want a backpack. I need both of my hands free at all times to help with the four boys, to push, hold, pick up, pull, etc… In fact I wish I had another set of hands, but since I don’t, I need the two I have to be available for my kids and not to be carrying a bag.
  2. It has to have side pockets that will fit a bottle and/or sippy cup. If it doesn’t have those I actually won’t even consider it. I use the side pockets ALL the time. Not only do I store bottles/sippy cups in there, but it’s also the perfect spot for my phone. For me, those side pockets are the most used part of the diaper bag.
  3. It has to have good storage space inside. I love that the Ryla Pack has compartments for snacks and toys, but it also has a good amount of open space. I try to be organized, but let’s be honest, sometimes I just need to throw all our stuff in the bag and get going. The Ryla Pack fits diapers, wipes, books, my wallet, and anything else I need to put in there, which I love, because that means I don’t have to carry anything and both my hands are free.
  4.  This wasn’t something I had on my list, but once I started using it, I loved it and that is a zip pocket in the back. On the back of the Ryla Pack is a zip pocket, perfect for storing my keys and my phone when it’s not in the side pocket. With other diaper bags I could never keep track of my keys I would just put them in random spots and I was always trying to find them, but with the Ryla Pack, I just put them in the back pocket and I know they are always there.
  5. And finally, the diaper bag had to be stylish. There are a lot of diaper bags on the market right now, some are cheap and others are expensive. I decided that when I bought one it needed to be both stylish and functional. The Ryla Pack is functional and it is also very stylish. I love that it is faux leather and looks nice, but I don’t have to worry about damaging the leather if it gets water or spills on it, I can just wipe it off. I love the gold zippers on it and it has a very classic design so you can’t go wrong. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I love it. I take it everywhere I go and people are always stopping me and asking about it.

If you are looking for a new diaper bag do yourself a favor and get a Ryla Pack. You’ll love it!!!

Ryla Pack is offering 20% off any of their diaper bags. Use the code BLUEDESERT at check out or follow this link.

Sunglasses: Le Specs / Shirt: J. Crew Henley Bodysuit / Backpack: Ryla Pack
Jeans: High Rise Skinny / Boots: Dolce Vita Double Zip Booties / Lip Color: Mac Viva Glam Lipstick

What are your must haves in a diaper bag?
Xoxo, Sue

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